12 – Jonathan’s Sweet Potato Cook Off

We have exciting times here at Members of Society. It’s our first interview from a true community member (aka not one of Maren’s colleague, friends, or family members)! Join us today for an incredibly interesting conversation with Jonathan Lowery (no relation) ranging from the challenges of a career in welding to what it’s like to grow up in the Sweet Potato Capital of the World.

Big thanks to Jonathan for answering the cold call and having a wonderful conversation for the world to listen to. Huge shout out to Wake Tech Community College, our first collaborating institution! Dare I say this is the start of a beautiful partnership?

**Listener Brady note: I really enjoyed hearing what the world of skilled trades has to offer. The business competition and intricacies of a career path within welding is something I had absolutely no idea even existed.

**Producer Brady note: Bold move by Maren, to “hire” me as social media director, considering I personally have basically zero of these platforms. That being said, I’ll make it happen… probably.

11 – Olivia Goes Island Hopping

Today, our hero is joined in the Studio (car) by Olivia to tell her story of immigration to New York City (real shades of Alexander Hamilton with this one), her life as a cook in the Army, and live after the Army.

**Listener Brady Note: It is interesting that every person from the Army that Maren has interviewed has had a wildly different story to tell.

**Producer Brady’s Note: Yeah people, everyone’s story is worth sharing! Except mine, Maren won’t ask me to come on the pod. So get out of that mindset and come on the pod!

10 – Najjiya Shows Maren How to Podcast

On today’s very special (10th!?!) episode of the podcast, Maren is joined by her favorite person on Planet Earth, Najjiya. You may think that because Najjiya is only a high school senior, she doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Boy, would you be wrong. Listen today and have your faith in the future restored.

**Editor Maren Note: I had to guilt trip Najjiya into doing the podcast. Do I feel bad about it? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

**Producer Brady Note: I have never heard someone use the term “Free-Balling” it in such a way. It is fun, although it is creeping us closer and closer to getting an *Explicit* tag.

9 – Major Sara Learns How to Spell Her Name

Today, Captain Maren is joined by Major Sara Day. She is an absolute incredible person, from an elite athlete to serving our Nation in the Military and conquering all the challenges that come along with them. Listen to her story, it is a good one.

*Editor Maren Note: “This episode is ok.”
**Producer Brady Note: “I disagree, Maren. This episode is super interesting. An incredible listen.”
– A conversation that never actually happened with Maren.

8 – Mac’s Big Day at the Aquarium (Explicit)

Today, Mac undergoes a therapy session with “Dr.” Maren. Listen as Mac opens up and tells his whole life story, everything from his unique upbringing to his career in the military.

**Editor Maren Note: “Maybe we need an explicit label on this one.”

**Producer Brady Note: Maren is off the record saying “I think this is a good one”. I thought I’d let everyone know that and put it on the record.

6 – Tim is a Great Secret Santa

I am happy to be joined by someone incredibly special to me, my Father-in-Law Tim! That’s right people, back to back father episodes!

On today’s episode, Tim recounts his career journey post-graduation, talks about the challenges and rewards of raising a family, all while enjoying the joys of Christmas vacation!

**Producer Brady note: I even learned things about my dad’s life in this episode, so you know this has something for everyone!