8 – Mac’s Big Day at the Aquarium (Explicit)

Today, Mac undergoes a therapy session with “Dr.” Maren. Listen as Mac opens up and tells his whole life story, everything from his unique upbringing to his career in the military.

**Editor Maren Note: “Maybe we need an explicit label on this one.”

**Producer Brady Note: Maren is off the record saying “I think this is a good one”. I thought I’d let everyone know that and put it on the record.

6 – Tim is a Great Secret Santa

I am happy to be joined by someone incredibly special to me, my Father-in-Law Tim! That’s right people, back to back father episodes!

On today’s episode, Tim recounts his career journey post-graduation, talks about the challenges and rewards of raising a family, all while enjoying the joys of Christmas vacation!

**Producer Brady note: I even learned things about my dad’s life in this episode, so you know this has something for everyone!

5 – John Grew a Brain at 30

I am joined today by one of my favorite people on this planet, my father John. In today’s episode, we talk about my father’s life up until now – life in mid 20s, courting my mother, you know – all the things that a daughter (or son) doesn’t want to hear about their parents. So tune in to hear my curiosity take over.

**Producer Brady note: Such a soft spoken, kind soul with an interesting story. Definitely a pod to calm you down before bed.