Fixing the NBA Playoffs

Classic BnBwBnB episode here.  Starts by fixing the NBA Playoffs (obviously and clearly broken).  Then we go into our weekly recap of Game of Thrones Season 8.  I guess we are on episode 4 now? man time flies. Hope you guys are enjoying this season as much as we are.

Then we get into everyone’s favorite segment… Am I dumb? (spoilers… we are)


This one is fun guys.

Medieval Times – A Knight’s Tale/Game of Thrones Mashup

In a true return to BnBwBnB form, today Bina and Brady go through the villains of Brady’s favorite movie, A Knight’s Tale.  Then, if that wasn’t enough Medieval-esque content for you, we butcher remembering what happened in Game of Thrones Season 7 and vaguely attempt to predict what is going to happen in Season 8.  It may not be the recap the fans wanted… but it is the recap that travesty of a season deserved.  Here’s hoping Season 8 can right the ship!

Plus, everyone’s favorite (original) segment “Am I Dumb?” is back and dumber than ever.

Buckle up for this one guys. I may have been a little drunk.

Bet Updates March 2018

Listen this episode as Bina and Brady recount what maybe the most traumatic experience in Brady’s young life… the punishment for this years NFL Playoff bet.  We also give updates on the state of the famous March Madness bet, and what madness is unfolding there.

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