18 – Mama Lowrey Hates Phone Solicitors (Pt. 2)

This week we have the much anticipated part 2(!) to the Mama Lowrey series. We start off with an obvious favorite of Kate, cooking. Then, Maren shifts the discussion to parenting, planning for the future, and being the mother of military children. This episode gets pretty philosophical, despite Kate believing the contrary.

**Producer Brady Note: “Did I care about whether this was best for the kids? No!” – This is the parenting style I want to strive to attain.

17 – Mama Lowrey Teaches Maren How to Read (Pt. 1)

Look out guys! The most famous inspiration for this podcast is finally coming on to tell her story. That’s right, Mama Lowrey is joining Maren in our first two part episode! In part one, we get to hear all about horse raising, leaving home and moving across the country, and Maren’s childhood from the eyes of her mother.

Tune in in two weeks to hear the dramatic conclusion to this episode, where we finally find out whether or not Kate taps her fingers by the mic!

**Listener Brady Note: I want to know what that picture said.

**Producer Brady Note: I am getting on a plane tomorrow, and you best believe I am flapping my arms upon take off.

16 – Amy Natt Catches Craig on Fire (In a Church!)

Today, Amy Natt joins Maren on the pod for a riveting discussion of business ownership and the world of Gerontology! Amy tells her story of how she decided to follow her passion into Gerontology, both the trials and rewards of starting your own business, and how she succeeded as a business-owning single mother. We even get some talk of the wonderful world of Bumble, this episode has everything!

**Editor Maren Note: “I edited this thing for hours! I even put in peaceful birds chirping and common house chores throughout the whole episode to make it gentler on your ears, Andrew!” – Maren, probably

**Producer Brady: You can feel how impressed Maren is with Amy throughout the whole episode. And Maren is an impressive person herself, so you know that Amy’s story is worth a listen.

**Brother-in Law Brady Note: You play music?? You thought about going to OSU?? See this is why I agreed to help out with the pod, to learn stuff like this.

15 – Nothing Makes Ranger Maggie Happier Than a Sea Cow

In today’s episode, Maren is joined today by Ranger Maggie to tell her story about how she went from college student in Florida to a park ranger in North Carolina. Listen as Ranger Maggie describes what is seemingly the dream job. Also, this episode feels like two friends just having a great time, hard to believe that Maren and Ranger Maggie just met. Join us for a lot of laughs and a fun time.

**Host Maren Note: I want to be Ranger Maggie’s older sister and best friend.

**Producer Brady Note: I can’t stop hearing “Moron Mountain” and now I can’t get cartoon Michael Jordan losing to the Nerdlucks and stuck playing basketball for Swackhammer out of my head.

14 – Matt Condon Finally Gets His Own Apartment

Today, Maren is joined by long-time friend Matt Condon: Army Veteran, outdoor enthusiast, writer, and world traveler. Matt talks about his journey from West Point, to a long post-army trip around the world, and into the real world. Tune in to hear a great storyteller/writer tell some of his own life story!

Also, check out Matt’s blog and latest article!
Yi) Matt’s blog: https://the-goatpath.com/
Er) Matt’s latest article: https://limacharlienews.com/politics-society/seth-moulton-country-before-party/?fbclid=IwAR1E64TXU7hOkWQAQE-4ODavWwoEG0ArNm-mjRY6Jq1l_tA98CXz3t5Was4

**Listener Brady Note: Matt the History major hating almost all of human history is wild to me.

**Producer/Listener Brady Note: We are giving an awful lot of publicity out here, I better be seeing some ad revenue coming through soon.

13 – Tia Loves Frozen Blackberries

Today, Tia gives insight into the intricacies of naming your child, the wonderful world of parenthood, and the challenges of having a career while being a new mother. And if you thought raising a child wasn’t enough content, Maren and Tia give a Master’s Class on how to save money while paying back student loans and the joys of shopping at Aldi.

**Producer Brady Note: How dare you not let Ethel squeak the monkey… she is as much a part of this podcast as anyone!

**Marketing Guru Brady Note: Are you implying that I only listen to the first parts of the podcast? How dare you!

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