Death of the Kiowa: Emergency Procedures and Coping Mechanisms (The Coronavirus Chapters), Ep. 10

While we all sit inside and wait for this all to blow over (#ThanksCorona), and while we here at MoS gear up to release the next Chapter in Death of the Kiowa we thought it would be a great inbetween to release what we are calling the “Coronavirus Chapters” of DotK. So enjoy this weeks (all to aptly named) episode, Emergency Procedures and Coping Mechanisms.

Stay safe out there listeners!

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Death of the Kiowa: A Miniseries – Teaser

Death of the Kiowa: Launches Tuesday, January 21st – With new episodes every Tuesday.

Over the next twelve episodes, Maren will be joined by those effected, both professionally and personally, by the Army’s decision to decommission the Kiowa Warrior Helicopter.

Producer Brady: If you are like me, you probably knew nothing of the history of the Kiowa before meeting Maren. If you are also like me, you will be fascinated by the stories that a military helicopter can create. So, tune in to hear a very interesting story of how the Army’s simple decision can alter the pathway of many careers and lives.

Instagram: @Membersofsocietypodcast

Twitter: @MemberOSociety

1 – Matt has a Great Towing Package

Welcome to the newest and hottest pod on the map, Members of Society!

For our first ever episode, my good friend, Matt, joins us to give his perspective on life as a married man. He also gives us the unique perspective on a career in Sand Mining, something I didn’t even know existed before I met Matt.